Resource Review: Limited Resources Podcast

Are you someone who enjoys Magic the Gathering (MTG)? Are you someone who particularly enjoys limited formats in MTG, such as drafting or the sealed events that are commonly found at prereleases for new Magic sets? Despite your enjoyment of those things, do you find yourself losing a great deal? If so, may I recommend Limited Resources! It is a weekly podcast that seeks to ground you in strategies for MTG, with a particular emphasis on limited games. It has been ongoing since 2009 and combines a friendly atmosphere with sound advice for how to improve your game with MTG.

You can access Limited Resources (LR) at as well as iTunes and anywhere else you can commonly acquire podcasts. LR covers all things MTG limited, with a particular emphasis on maximizing value and doing everything you can to succeed every game. It includes set reviews for each new set of Magic that comes out, including grading and analysis of every single card from common to mythic rare. If you are looking to have an edge for your local prerelease these set reviews alone may be sufficient. Other episodes cover play strategies (how to best draft, how to play control decks effectively) and still others cover special topics such as cube drafts or the best mentalities for play. An extremely active subreddit found at is maintained by competent moderators and the hosts, allowing you to ask directly for help if something isn’t covered to your satisfaction.

LR assumes a basic level of competence with Magic, basic familiarity with limited formats in particular, and probably is too high level for younger players of the game. I would recommend it to teens and older who feel serious about Magic and may be interested in working towards more professional levels of play or just securing a more consistent win rate at your local game shop. It is a resource that can be picked and chosen from very effectively. It allows you to seek out a podcast that deals with a particular topic if you only want one thing or to listen regularly to get a good overall crash course in MTG limited.

I would strongly recommend at the least giving the podcast a try if any of this sounds interesting. The main host Marshall Sutcliffe does a good job of making the podcast approachable and his co-hosts are definite experts. The current co-host is Magic Hall of Famer Luis Scott-Vargas so you can be certain you are receiving sound advice. Give this resource a try if any of the following fit:

– You are a Magic player who enjoys limited in particular

– You want to improve your strategic thinking with games

– You are competitive and like to discuss best possible strategies

– You like to hear comprehensive analysis of upcoming Magic set cards and rules

– You want assistance in working towards a professional level of Magic play


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